Microtainer: social innovation & lab links we’re following (August 2013)


This mini blog, or bloggette, is part of our ongoing effort to spread information that we think will be interesting, insightful and useful to lab practitioners and the lab-curious. Below is a collection of resources that crossed our desks over the month of August 2013. In no particular order:



1. Article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review by Sarah Schulman about Kennisland’s Lab with Lab practitioners from around the world.

2. Video from Helsinki Design Lab lecture at the University of Melbourne. Bryan Boyer presents ‘Brickstarter’ and Justin Cook presents ‘Low2No’, followed by a conversation with journalist/architect Rory Hyde and audience Q&A.

3. Seven short videos from seven IDEO teams from across the globe explaining one of their core values — including: take ownership, talk less do more, make others successful, be optimistic, collaborate, learn from failure and embrace ambiguity.

4. Blog post by Andrea Yip exploring design thinking as a concept and how it can apply to designing strategy for campus mental health

5. Idea Bank: platform to crowdsource ideas on how to foster innovation in the public sector. The EU Commission, MindLab and a working group are collecting ideas around five topics: vision for the state in society, enabling innovation, leading innovation, doing innovation, and measuring innovation.

6. Article about a talk by Open IDEO’s Tom Hulme where Tom discusses the rise of widespread community engagement, what they have learned from OpenIDEOand how OpenIDEO is leveraging the rise of the participation economy.

7. Article sharing the top tips of public innovators on how they have been encouraging local government teams to innovate.

8. Blog post by IDEO’s Tim Brown sharing thinking about intentional design “how your morning coffee can make you a better designer”

9. Blog post by Sarah Schulman reflects on observations between labs in Canada (MaRS Solutions Lab), Singapore (The Lien Centre) and France (27e Region).

10. Reading list for this year’s Social Innovation eXchange (SIX) Summer School in Seoul, Korea. Resources relate to the conference’s theme of ‘Reshaping our cities and making them thrive’.

11. The Campaign Lab, an initiative is supported by nef and the finance innovation lab,  is a 9 month program for ‘economic justice campaigners’ to think systemically and strategically about the issues they are tackling.

12. New Economics Institute: working to build a New Economy that prioritizes the well-being of people and the planet. They are the north american sister organization of the new economics foundation.

13. Blog post discussing the way to a designer’s heart. A cheat sheet for working with designers

14. Video interview with MindLab’s Runa Sabroe talking about how user-centered innovation can create new solutions for the public sector

15. Resource page from the The United Way of Calgary: Leading Boldly Network’s Toolbox Series. The Toolbox contains FAQ around social innovation and change labs and links to videos, articles, reports and case examples.

16. The Government Innovator. A short video put together by the Nova Scotia public service as a promotion to a conference last year. So great.

What have we missed? We invite you to share in the comment section the resources that you’ve come across recently that you think would be interesting to this community!


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