Whole person care: the legacy of Balfour Mount

The term “palliative care” was first coined by Canadian physician, Balfour Mount in the mid-1970’s. Inspired by the work of Dame Cicely Saunders in the UK, Mount set up the hospital-based palliative care unit at Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. Prior to opening the ward, he found the treatments for terminally ill patients abysmally inadequate. He set out to change that and was awarded the Order of Canada for his efforts.

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The danger of taking the social out of innovation

By dropping the social in innovation, is North America breaking the innovation chain?

Andy Grove, a co-founder of Intel and a Silicon Valley icon, is sounding two alarms about innovation’s future. Both flow from his disagreement with the accepted article of faith that the US tech sector necessarily should focus high-end jobs in the US and export manufacturing jobs.

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