What are you skating towards?

For the last 3 months our SiG colleague and friend, Al Etmanski has been publishing a collection of essays from a thoughtful community of people working in various capacities towards innovation for social and environmental impact. This compendium is thorough, heartfelt and compelling. Littered with ideas that can inspire your own work, What are you skating towards? is a must-read for all of us.

Where are you skating?

Based on the philosophy framed by hockey great, Wayne Gretzky, “success depends on skating to where the puck is going to be,” essayists discuss where they believe positive impact will be seen, felt or realized this year for them. Here are just some of the observations:

  • I anticipate the unexpected — the bumps in the ice, gaping holes to avoid, gale force winds… counter-balanced with a serendipitous touch of magic which will alter the colors and fill the air with music, wrote Cairine MacDonald.
  • And that means we need to go into the corners and fight for the things we believe in. Ted Jackson.

Others were more reminiscent of Joni Mitchell’s River to skate away on…

  • I’ve been skating towards the intersection of voice and agency for a long time now. Shari Graydon.
  • I’m skating towards oblivion. Sorry to say it but so are you. Patrick O’Neill
  • So I ask you to skate with me as we accept that we don’t know where the end is but to live in hope that it is better than where we are. Allyson Hewitt
  • Between the old and the new, there is a place that is a kind of nowhere-land and it is one of the most challenging places to be. It can be lonely and is full of uncertainty and tension. Cheryl Rose

60 essays now compiled in one easy-to-download format.

Visit Al Etmanski’s blog to download it today.


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