The Real Solutions Series

SiG is proud to announce its new partnership with premium specialty channel eqhd to present an inspirational new program called The Real Solutions Series, premiering Tuesday, December 18 at 8pm ET/5pm PT, during eqhd’s National Free Preview.

Geoff Mulgan speaks at MaRS, April 2012

Led by some the world’s leading social innovation thinkers and entrepreneurs, including author Adam Kahane and Chief Executive of NESTA, Geoff Mulgan, the The Real Solutions Series presents new ideas and real possibilities for solving some of Canada’s most pressing social problems from public service innovation to designing for change. You may have had a chance to see these events in person in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Vancouver. Now they are available as highlights with our new partner!

SiG is committed to providing Canadians with the resources and ideas they can use to accelerate positive social change across the country. eqhd is committed to informing Canadians with thought-provoking programming. This makes eqhd the perfect partner for this work.

While many complex day to day problems don’t seem to have any solutions, Blue Ant Media’s Presentation Director, Lori DeGraw says eqhd is proud to work with SiG to present discussions and possible solutions to Canada’s most complex social issues.

The Real Solutions Series’ events and online discussions join the eqhd lineup of unflinching documentaries and critically acclaimed series, Tuesday, December 18 at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

If you’re not a subscriber to eqhd yet, you can take advantage of their Free Preview during December and January 2013. Visit their site to find out where eqhd broadcasts in your city.


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