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Social Innovation Canada 2014

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14423325836_4a7ef6d48f_z14445334184_d1386346df_zSocial Innovation Canada 2014

14260010297_6c363f8aa7_zSix Day 1 Musqueam Welcome and Interview with Frances Westley 12514259797210_3b42cf94ce_z14445342424_2b4781876a_z

SIX REPORT ESDC FINAL FEB 25 2015 COVERScreen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.28.01 AM


Launched 01.02.2015







Launched 01.10.2014

Social Innovation Canada

…is a national movement of events, collaboration and connection launched this May and June, bringing together some of the world’s leading social innovators, social entrepreneurs and social financiers to meet with Canada’s social innovation community in five Canadian cities:

Toronto | Montreal | Windsor |Vancouver | Ottawa

#socinncan | Event Page Archive

Social Innovation Week Canada 2014 from Social Innovation Generation on Vimeo.

The purpose of Social Innovation Canada…
    • Showcase Canada’s social innovation partnerships with government, universities, non-profits, foundations, businesses and citizens.
    • Learn from global best practices.
    • Create a forum where theoreticians, policy makers, grassroots activists and social innovation practitioners can share insights and have fun.
    • Strengthen the capacity of Canadians to work together across sectors and disciplines to solve our toughest social challenges
…Thank you to our Partners/Sponsors!

Key Events

Labs for Systems Change
Social Innovation Week Vancouver
Social Innovation Exchange Summer School Vancouver 2014

logo2.5pntLabs for Systems Change

Labs for Systems Change was a conference for the world’s leading lab practitioners and thinkers to come together and share, develop and capture knowledge of global lab practices. The conference provided a platform for those interested in public + social innovation labs to gain a better understanding of what constitutes good process and learn new approaches. Through this gathering, we also explored opportunities for a global learning network of leading labs. This event followed earlier lab conferences last year at Mindlab (Copenhagen, Denmark) and Kennisland (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). The conference was co-hosted by MaRS Solutions Lab and Social Innovation Generation, in partnership with The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, and Deloitte.


Epilogger Live Event Archive —  Global Lab Gathering: Labs for Systems Change
The State of PSI Labs — History of Labs

Dr. Frances Westley, Director, WISIR

All keynote speaker & panel discussion videos
CBC Interview with Geoff Mulgan on “Bringing Innovation to Canada”


C/O Clare Shields

IMG_7602-1024x454 Microtainer: social innovation & lab links we’re following (May 2014)


A Global Meeting of the Minds: The Road Ahead for PSI Labs

Social Innovation Week Vancouver

SI-Week-Banner-140423 (1) Social Innovation Week was a coming together — a weaving together of the momentum and energies around social innovation and social enterprise in British Columbia, across Canada, and globally. Hosted by BC Partners for Social Impact, in collaboration with over 20 organizations from across sectors and continents, Social Innovation Week Vancouver (#SIweekVan) was a celebration of both place and space — a convergence around British Columbia’s social change and innovation drive and a convergence of global innovators and activists in Vancouver.


C/O Aaron Johannes and Liz EtmanskiC/O Aaron Johannes and Liz Etmanski

Failure Wake Drawing Capture:
by Aaron Johannes and Liz Etmanski
Failure Wake Flikr Channel

Photo Credits: Komal Minhas for KoMedia

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Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 9.07.02 AMScreen Shot 2014-06-25 at 9.07.11 AMIDEAS Jam Drawing Capture:
by Aaron Johannes and Liz Etmanski



The Spirit of Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe by Bill Reid. Collection of the Vancouver Airport Authority (YVR), Vancouver, Canada. Photo: Tony Hisgett DL-094

Preparing for Surprise: Social Innovation Week Vancouver


A Bold Goal for Children in the North End of Winnipeg
Articles – Tyee Presents
Calling All Creative Changemakers! Don’t Miss Social Innovation Week
Problem Solving with Connectivity
Can We Innovate a Way out of the War on Drugs?

SIX Summer School Vancouver 2014


An annual global event, Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) Summer School brings together leading social innovation thinkers and practitioners, grassroots activists, and policy makers from around the world to explore some of the key issues facing the social innovation field. This year, SIX was held in North America for the first time, gathering nearly 160 national and international practitioners in Vancouver (#SIXvan14) to explore: How can we increase our impact? Shifting cultures, changing systems and preparing for surprise. 

SIX Vancouver 2014 from Social Innovation Generation on Vimeo

Credit: Komal Minhas for KoMedia


 “Then, when he had flown a while longer/Something brightened toward the north;/It caught his eye they say./And then, he flew right up against it./He pushed his mind through,/And pulled his body after.” – Skaay

Welcome SIX’ers,

Social innovation makes itself with our love and creativity and courage; that is what enhances our techniques and technologies. This enables resilience to flourish. No one knows that better than our regions’ indigenous peoples. Canada’s aboriginal ingenuity surrounds our SIX gathering just as do the sea breezes, waves, mountains and clouds. The opening quote is from British Columbia’s greatest oral storyteller, Skaay. He comes from Haida Gwaii, a group of islands off BC’s north coast; a Haida Nation. His is a culture that has withstood major calamities; yet, his people survive. Indeed, today they thrive. Fragile, like all of us, but equally full of life and wisdom.

With your attention and support, love and creativity will thrive during our time together in Vancouver – we will each be filled with life and wisdom.

So go ahead. If something catches your eye over the next few days, fly right up to it. Push your possibilities and imagination through! This cannot be taught. You already know. So, please – love, create, listen and enjoy. Be present and be yourself. We welcome you.

Sincerely, Cheryl, Louise, So, Devon, Al – your organizing team.

Storify! – SIX Vancouver 2014: Day 1
SIX Vancouver 2014: Day 2…Diving Deep
SIX Vancouver 2014: Day 3…Surfacing

friendsandnecessaryenemiesstoriesdavidelicheneSIX Drawing Capture:
by Aaron Johannes and Liz Etmanski


Flikr Channel

Photo Credits: Komal Minhas for KoMedia

Six Day 0 First Nations Site Visit Museum of Anthropology 36 14446531145_2f485ea373_z 14260019907_1532848ab7_z 14259853978_e6b9832d5a_z


Six Day 1 Musqueam Welcome and Interview with Frances Westley 11vancouverBlogs
On seeking, sharing and systems change


Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) Summer School 2014 Vancouver


Where the Magic Happens: Highlights from SIX


Retour sur l’École d’été de SIX – Comment maximiser notre impact? Changer les cultures et les systèmes

via RQIS


The Game Has Changed: The Empathy Keystone



Donna Thompson
Innovating for Caregivers at The SIX Vancouver Summer School
Innovating for Caregivers at the SIX Summer School – Powerful Lessons Learned


Urban Matters
Gauthier goes to Social Innovation Week with questions
Eli Enns suggests Canada look back to create a sustainable forward
Laboucan-Massimo: Rural communities need renewable energy tech
Time to hone in on role of private sector in social innovation
Social Innovators won’t solve all the world’s problems

Partners and Sponsors

Our sincere thanks to our partners and sponsors for making so much possible!


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