Readings for the public sector

If you want to be become an entrepreneur in 2016, there are scores of books and articles you can access fairly quickly. If you want to be entrepreneurial – characterized by the taking of risks, usually with considerable initiative, in the hope of a good outcome – there is a growing body of work to help guide and inspire you too. Here are some curated resources for those that work in or wth the public sector.
Nesting Social Innovation – an intro blog on the pathway to social innovation written by one of our partners
Impact: Six Patterns to Spread your Social Innovation – Book by Al Etmanski. You can download the introduction and see what you think. There are few comparable innovators in Canada today who work so well with government and understand how change happens in a practical sense.
The Alberta Co-Lab Story – written by Australian Alex Ryan, this is a very current story and very relevant for the direction in which you could hope to go.
Failure as Catalyst – article featuring interview with Carolyn Curtis. I know you’re working with them, but I think this article is an excellent framing of partnership development between government and non-government orgs.
Mapping Momentum – a new article by Tim and Rachel Sinha on recognizing favourable characteristics for an innovator and highlighting those that best demonstrate those characteristics in the systems change ecosystem.
Networked Incubation – a page dedicated to the visit of Rosemary Addis who has worked inside and outside the Australian government on complex challenges. I don’t remember if she came up in our conversation, but just in case.
In the Public Eye: where Public Sector Innovation meets Social Innovation – this webinar was recorded a couple of years ago but is one of my favourites. Molly Harrington is an Assistant Deputy Minister  in the BC Ministry of Social Development. She could be a great source of knowledge actually.
Co-Production and Presentation by nef Head of Co-Production in the UK, Lucie Stephens
Public Sector Innovation page on our SiG Knowledge Hub – there is some repetition here to the above, but in particular I wanted to point to Action Plan for the BC Council on Social Innovation.
The Loop, the Lens, and the Lesson – from page 9 our colleague, Dr. Frances Westley discusses the role for government in social innovation
I also recommend other section of the SiG Knowledge Hub for more work by Frances. Check out the sections on Scaling and Resilience.
How do we accelerate to the Tipping Point? – This is a paper I wrote while enrolled as a graduate student in the course co-designed by Frances Westley and Dr. Brenda Zimmerman. At this stage in the course I was able to use the SiG partnership and their experience in convening the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance to examine how to go about creating systems interventions with government and multi-stakeholder constituencies across Canada. This paper is unpublished, but speaks to some of those questions you had about culture.
There is always more than we all have time to read. We created this list some time ago and we have a dedicated section on our SiG Knowledge Hub which we invite you to peruse as well.
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