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Networked Incubation

For many complex issues, solutions that work will take years to develop, and will then need to be in place for decades to succeed. Being ‘in it for the long haul’ is one of the key principles embedded in Children’s Ground – an Australian program co-produced by government and community with a vision to redress the most entrenched and devastating social inequity facing Australia. Two years down the track, the journey has just begun.

Children’s Ground used a Networked Incubation model for design and for those who are grappling with entrenched long-term social issues, this model is well worth considering. It is an intensive approach that requires patience and commitment but can help address common barriers to change. Incubation is about maintaining the integrity and intent of a vision for change while letting the model grow from its roots. One of the greatest challenges is to help others feel comfortable with navigating the unknown and learning from mistakes and redirections as you work out what to do next on the pathway toward the vision.

Joining SiG in November 2014 to discuss the Networked Incubation approach was Rosemary Addis, Executive Director – Impact Strategist, Co-Founder – Impact Investing Australia Ltd.  Watch the webinar below.

Designing Change for the Long Haul from Social Innovation Generation on Vimeo.

Additional Resources

Children's Ground Case Study




Download the Case Study






Presentation Breakdown with Notes

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Download the PDF
with presenter’s notes




Main Points:
  • Entry points to this kind of change journey, and links back to social innovation
  • The case of Children’s Ground
  • The work catalyzing a global market for impact investing
  • This is not a blueprint.
  • What is essential is to bring a questioning mind and an open mind to the work in order to be able to see ways of moving forward.
  • The role of Research and Development (R&D)

About the Presenter

Rosemary AddisRosemary is a leading strategist and recognized global thought leader in social innovation and investment. She is Executive Director of Impact Strategist and co-founded Impact Investing Australia. She brings a unique blend of multi-sector leadership and global networks to catalyzing change and creating positive impact for society.

Rosemary represents the Australian sector on the International Social Impact Investment Taskforce established when the UK Chaired the G8 in 2013, Chairs the Australian Advisory Board on Impact Investment, is a member of the NSW Government Social Investment Expert Advisory Group, and a Senior Fellow of the Impact Investing Policy Collaborative (IIPC) leading strategy for the Global Learning Exchange. She led the incubation of and is a Director of Children’s Ground.

Rosemary has held senior leadership roles across sectors including as an equity partner what is now Allens-Linklaters, with The Smith Family, Victorian and Federal Government. Her published works include IMPACT-Australia: investment for social and economic benefit (2013); Inviting Investment in Social Enterprise (2007) and contributions to Laws of Australia (1998) and a work on the catalytic effect of policy for impact investment to be published by Oxford University Press.

SiG was very pleased to partner with the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing for this event. Rosemary also participated in the 2014 Social Finance Forum on November 6 & 7 at MaRS.


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