Lab Links & Resources

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Canadian Labs


OCADU S-Lab (Toronto)

Sauder’s D.Studio (Vancouver)

Institute Without Boundaries (Toronto)


MaRS Solutions Lab (Toronto)

Evergreen CityWorks Transportation Lab (Toronto)

Waterlution (Vancouver – Calgary – Toronto)

MOV’s City Lab (Vancouver)

Institut Nouveau Monde’s LABIS (Montreal)

The Natural Step’s Sustainability Transition Lab (Ottawa)

One Earth’s Consumption & Production Lab (Vancouver)

United Way Change Lab (Calgary)


Youth Innovation Lab (Toronto)

Toronto Athmospheric Fund (Toronto)


City Innovation Lab (Toronto)

Belonging Lab (Vancouver)

Cycling Think and Do Tank (Toronto)

Process Designers in Canada

The Moment (Toronto)

Exhibit Change (Toronto)

ArchiTEXT (Toronto)

Neole (Toronto)

Commons 11 (Toronto)

Art of Hosting (Bowen Island, BC; Halifax, NS)

The Commons Inc. (Montreal)

Cense R + D (Toronto)

MASS LBP (Toronto)

Global Labs

MindLab (Denmark)

Helsinki Design Lab (Finland)

Design Council (UK)

Public Services Lab (UK)

Participle (UK)

ThinkPublic (UK)

Collaborative Lab (Australia/USA)

Finance Innovation Lab (UK)

Forum for the Future (UK)

La 27e Région (France)

Kennisland (Netherlands)

TACSI (Australia)

InWithFor (Australia, Netherlands)

IDEO and (USA)

Reos Partners (Global)

Sustainable Food Lab (USA)

Stanford (USA)

MIT AgeLab (USA)

R-Labs (South Africa)

Think Cafe (South Korea)

Books about Lab Process

1. Charrette Handbook (National Charrette Institute)

2. InStudio: Recipes for Systemic Change and Legible Practices (Helsinki Design Lab)

3. Theory U (Otto Sharma)

4. Human Centred Design Toolkit (IDEO)

5. CoLab: A Change Lab for Markham (Institute without Boundaries)

6. Transformative Scenario Planning (Adam Kahane)

7. The Open Book of Social Innovation (Nesta)

Websites with Further Links

Lab2 event page:

Laboratories for Societal Innovation:

Labs for Social Change:

WISIR at University of Waterloo:

SiG Knowledge Hub on Labs:

Open Workshop:

White Papers and Reports

1. Labs: Designing the Future by SiG@MaRS (round up of labs from around the world)

2. What is a Design Lab/Change Lab? by SiG@Waterloo (common lab elements)

3. Powering Collaborative Policy Innovation: Can Innovation Labs Help? by Helle Vibeke Carstensen & Christian Bason (lessons learned and possible future steps for MindLab)

4. Laboratories for Social Change By Zaid Hassan (overview of the Theory U/Change Lab methodology)

5. Innovation Labs: Bridging Think Tanks and Do Tanks by Policy Horizons (paper distributed by the

Canadian Federal government acknowledging the power of Labs)

6. A Lab of Labs by Sarah Schulman

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