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Labs: Designing the future


The Social Innovation Dynamic

Surmountable Chasms: Networks and Social Innovation for Resilient Systems

On Not Letting a Crisis Go to Waste: An Innovation Agenda for Canada’s Community Sector

Patterns, Principles and Practices in Social Innovation

SiG@Waterloo Case Studies and Reports

Change Lab/Design Lab for Social Innovation

Making a Difference: Strategies for Scaling Innovation for Greater Impact
Frances Westley & Nino Antadze, 2009-03

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SiG Videos

Stephen Huddart on Social Innovation

Recommended Reading

Getting to Maybe: How the world is changed– Frances Westley, Brenda Zimmerman, Michael Patton, Random House, 2006

New Voices from the Voluntary Sector, Edited by Frederick Bird and Frances Westley, 2011

Other recommended resources


Evaluating Social Innovation FSG, Hallie Preskill and Tanya Beer

Communicating bigger-than-self problems to extrinsically-oriented audiences

Finding Frames: New ways to engage the UK public in global poverty

Effective change strategies for the Great Transition

The Future Quotient JWT and Volans

Effecting policy change: Lessons from the Canadian Caregiver Coalition

Strengthening the Third Pillar of the Canadian Union: An Intergovernmental Agenda for Canada’s Charities and Non-Profits

InnovateNext: Leading Canada to greater productivity, competitiveness and resilience

Integrated Innovation – Grand Challenges Canada at the McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health


Social innovation harnesses the best in all of us

Collaboration, innovation key to solving social ills

The Tyze that Bind

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