Our Focus

Social Innovation Generation sought to engage partners across sectors to create a culture of continuous social innovation. To this end, we channelled our resources in ways that will have the greatest impact. Acknowledging that social innovations are not fixed; that they evolve and present new challenges, means that we must be intentional and agile in our approach.

Visit our page on Social Innovation here.

Engaging the wider Canadian public is vital in developing and implementing solutions. SiG worked on a number of initiatives to engage all stakeholders, from high-profile multi-sector events, to media development, to knowledge dissemination through social technology.

One key area of interest was the development of open source social innovation curriculum that can be applied at various stages of learning. The 2015 launch of the Banff Centre Social Innovation Residency was the next iteration of this exploration.

SiG has been deeply involved in the development of a new finance infrastructure in Canada that will strengthen innovative non-profits and bolster social purpose businesses. Development of a more robust social finance sector will be achieved through dialogue with the private and non-profit sector and through regulatory change at the government level. For latest developments and information, connect with the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing.

The SiG partnership was actively involved in fostering social innovation through various initiatives, including:

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