Ezio Manzini

As Professor of Industrial Design at Milan Polytechnic, Ezio has shifted his own thinking to examine design’s role in changing systems. During his visit to Vancouver and Toronto, Ezio spoke about creative communities and the qualities that make them sustainable.

Short Biography

Ezio Manzini is perhaps the world’s leading expert on sustainable design, with a focus on scenario building toward solutions encompassing both environmental and social quality. At the Milan Polytechnic is Director of CIRIS (the Interdepartmental Centre for Research on Innovation for Sustainability), where he focuses on innovative processes in the system of production and consumption and, in particular, on the relationship between product strategies and environmental policies in the perspective of sustainable development.

Most recently, his interests have focussed on social innovation, considered as a major driver of sustainable changes, and on what design can do to support it. In this perspective he started and currently coordinates, DESIS: an international network of schools of design and other design-related organisations specifically active in the field of design for social innovation and sustainability.

Manzini is the author of several design books, including The Material of Invention, Artifacts: Towards a New Ecology of the Artificial Environment, and Solid Side: The Search for Consistency in a Changing World (with Marco Susani). His recent book, Sustainable Everyday envisions what life might be like in a sustainable society, putting forth possible scenarios and workable alternatives.

Ezio presented his thoughts on Creative Communities and Sustainable Qualities to both a Vancouver and Toronto audience. The video and presentation are below. Ezio and his colleague Virginia Tassinari also published this paper about the thinking that lead to the presentation.

Creative Communities and Sustainable Qualities

Ezio has also kindly made his presentation available via Slideshare

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Public and Collaborative

How are emerging social networks meeting public services and innovation policies? And vice versa: how can public services and innovation policies trigger, empower, direct the emerging social networks? What can design do to make this promising meeting more effective and fruitful? The DESIS Network has convened a cluster working to answer these questions. While Ezio was in Toronto, he spoke about his latest thinking in this area. The session was recorded in audio format, and you can listen to it here. The slides from the discussion have also been made available below.

Ezio Manzini discusses Public & Collaborative

Toronto’s design community responds

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Ezio Manzini joined us in Canada for the Inspiring Action for Social Impact Series. In 2011 we launched the Series and were pleased to present some outstanding social innovation thinkers to a Canadian audience. You can view the archives here.

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