SiG People

Cheryl Rose

Senior Fellow, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

Cheryl RosePrior to entering the world of universities, Cheryl Rose gained professional experience in a variety of leadership roles within the community sector. She was the founding Executive Director of the Canadian Alliance for Community Service Learning, encouraging strong partnerships between academics and non-profit organizations across the country.  In 2007, she was invited to be one of the principal directors for the national Social Innovation Generation (SiG) partnership and accepted a role as the Associate Director of the Waterloo Institute on Social Innovation and Resilience (WISIR). Recently, she was appointed a McConnell Foundation Senior Fellow for 2015.

She is currently working with a team at The Banff Centre to deliver a summer program focused on the connections between social innovation, indigenous knowledge, nature-based education and creative practice. This social innovation residency will launch in June 2015.

Cheryl holds a graduate degree in Capacity Development and Extension Studies, and she presents widely on Strategy Development for Social Innovation and Enhancing Individual and Organizational Resilience.

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