2011 Inspiring Action for Social Impact Series

The Future Quotient

2011 is a pivotal year. We have an opportunity to breakthrough the sustainability barrier and create a new future for our children. To do this we need to embed long term thinking and acting into our collective culture. Introducing The Future Quotient or FQ the IQ of the 21st century, measuring the future-agility of businesses, brands and individuals, and their ability to successfully handle future issues.

This webinar featured Volans Chief Executive, Charmian Love and JWT (Toronto) CEO, Tony Pigott. They presened on the new joint Volans/JWT report, aptly named, The Future Quotient.

Download the Future Quotient report here

Charles Leadbeater

Author, innovator, co-Founder Participle

Charles Leadbeater is a leading authority on innovation and creativity. He is constantly scouring the globe to identify new insights on innovation process and new ways to accelerate innovation generating public benefits. This September Charles Leadbeater joined Social Innovation Generation for a national tour as part of the Inspiring Action for Social Impact Series.

Charles first visited Toronto and delivered a public presentation as part of the MaRS Global Leadership Series. You can watch that video below. As he made his way to Ottawa, Charles was hosted by Cardus in partnership with SiG. As part of their audio series, Milton Friesen interviewed Charles on innovation and creativity. You can listen to the audio at the link below.

Interview with Cardus:

What conditions give rise to innovation and creativity and how might we work towards creating these conditions?

Listen here

Adam Kahane

Reos Partners

Despite their seemingly contradictory basis, power being linked to the drive for self-realization, and love linked to the drive to reunite the separated, the two are complementary. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated, Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic.

But how do you align power and love? And how do you work to solve social challenges with groups of people that may bring to the table different quantities of power and love?

Watch Adam Kahane speak about his book, Power and Love: A Theory and Practice of Social Change, in which he delves into the dual natures of power and love, exploring their subtle and intricate interplay.

Ayelet Baron

VP Planning and Strategy, Cisco Canada

Ayelet Baron has been using TelePresence technology to bring girls together from Kenya with girls in Canada. She has helped these girls interact and develop relationships in ways that were not possible before and encouraged them to consider a career in IT.

Ayelet Baron is currently on the Executive Leadership Team of Cisco Canada, leading strategy and transformation. Prior to that she was on the executive team of Cisco’s Emerging Markets where she was looking at ways that emerging technologies can generate greater equity in Emerging Markets, as well as driving key sales initiatives internally at Cisco. Ayelet spoke as the Closing Keynote at Net Change Week 2011, held at the MaRS Centre in Toronto. See her presentation and slide-deck here.

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Dr. Sarah Schulman

Family by Family

Sarah co-founded InWithFor.org after time with Participle in the UK and as a Rhodes Scholar. InWithFor works in, with, and for communities & public systems to co-design, prototype, and spread new solutions to tough social problems, and teach teams to social problem-solve.

InWithFor has been working in, with, and for The Australian Centre for Social Innovation to apply its design + social science methodology to tough social problems. They have spent the last year co-designing a new response to the child protection system in South Australia called Family by Family, and are now recruiting & teaching a new team to apply the methodology to problems like South Australia’s rapidly ageing population and educational disengagement. Sarah joined us at MaRS to show us the Family by Family process in more detail.

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Ros Tennyson

Partnership Brokers Association

Ros Tennyson has been working with the International Business Leader’s Forum (IBLF) since 1991 pioneering the organisation’s cross-sector partnership work. She has experience with developing partnerships for sustainable development in more than 25 countries working with international corporations, the United Nations, governments and a wide range of civil society organisations.

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Christian Bason


“For simplicity, I argue that the journey towards the highly innovative public organisation must be led simultaneously across four dimensions: Creating consciousness of what innovation is and means to the organisation; building capacity to innovate, from political context over strategy and organisational structure to people and culture; mastering a process of co-creating new solutions with people, not for them; and finally, to display the courage at all levels of management to really lead innovation.” Christian Bason, from his latest book, Leading Public Sector Innovation: Co-creating for a better society.


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Christian Bason is head of MindLab, a unit for citizen-centred innovation. MindLab involves citizens and businesses in the co-creation of new public policy and services. MindLab is part of the Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, the Ministry of Taxation and the Ministry of Employment. Christian is a regular columnist and blogger and the author of three books on leadership, innovation and change in the public sector.

In addition to coordinated workshops with government staff, Christian spoke to a sold-out audience at MaRS as part of the Global Leadership Series. In addition to the video, Christian has kindly shared his presentation with us.

Christian also participated in a Tele-learning session with Paul Born, President, Tamarack and Series supporter. Listen to the interview here. During the interview, Christian profiles some of MindLab’s achievements and, together with Paul, he explores the notions of co-creation, innovation and social impact in the public sector. By focusing on citizens’ own experiences and resources, Christian describes how MindLab is helping to drive radical innovation in the public sector. The result is truly valuable services that respond to citizen needs and achieve their intended outcomes at less cost.

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