SiG aims to foster a culture of continuous social innovation

We are a collaborative partnership of The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, MaRS Discovery District, PLAN Institute and the Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience (WISIR).


Engaged learning


    Visit our SiG Knowledge Hub; a website designed to provide learning resources about creating conditions for social innovation.


    Innoweave helps community organizations learn about and implement new approaches to generate impact, more quickly, and at less cost.

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Latest blog posts

  • How do we know we’re making a difference, together?

    Note: This article was originally published on August 27, 2014 on the Community Knowledge Exchange (CKX) Blog. It has been cross-posted with permission from CKX.

    Each day across Canada, staff and volunteers in social-profit and charitable organizations are working hard to deliver important programs and services to some of the most … Read More...

    The Quiet Global Boom of Co-operative Enterprises

    In the context of changing the system dynamics that created the problem in the first place, a social innovation is any initiative (product, process, program, project or platform) that challenges and, over time, contributes to changing the defining routines, resource and authority flows or beliefs of the broader social system in which it … Read More...

    Learning to Fail Forward: the critical ingredient for innovation

    SiG Note: This article was originally published on August 17, 2014 on Resilient Reality. It has been cross-posted with permission from the author. 

    On July 9, a couple hundred people gathered to explore a topic that carries a pretty hefty cultural stigma. It’s a subject we think about daily. We obsess, analyze and agonize over it. … Read More...

News from the partnership

McConnellHigh-ResLogoCMYK-eStephen Huddart, President and CEO of the Foundation, reflects on the 2014 Evaluation Roundtable, a network of 30 US & Canadian foundations that meet every 18-months to study a case in philanthropic strategy & evaluation. The case this time: SiG. More.


The MaRS Centre for Impact Investing opens registration for the 2014 Social Finance Forum: Building Markets That Matter, taking place this November in Toronto. More.


Frances Westley, J.W. McConnell Chair in Social Innovation at University of Waterloo, gives a keynote presentation on Social Innovation and the Webs of Culture at Social Frontiers Canada. More

PLAN for websitePlan Institute celebrates 25 years with stories, wisdom, reflecting on transformative achievements, and looking forward to another “25 years of ensuring a good life for our sons and daughters with a disability.” More.
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